Repair Your House Before Asking for a Valuation Report

The first thing you need to know when selling your house is its estimated value. This tells potential buyers how much the property is worth. It is easier to convince them to buy the property if they have an accurate estimate of its worth.

The best way to do this is to have a property surveyor come over to inspect and value the property. It will be thoroughly checked over, down to the last detail. Any problems and other issues will be included in the valuation report, which you will be given. This contains everything that the surveyor has observed. You can now use this document to help sell the property for the price at which it has been valued. You can use it as evidence to convince potential buyers.

One of the reasons why the value of a property might appear low is because of repair issues. There might be a broken roof or damaged tiles in the toilet. You might think that the amount is not that significant but surveyors will typically assign an exact amount to deduct from the total worth of the property.

Schedule an appointment

Before the surveyor comes over, make sure that everything has been fixed. If you are not yet ready, schedule a specific date for when you will be fully ready to have the property valued. Before the surveyor arrives, fix the issues that need to be fixed. If there are broken tiles, replace them. If the bathroom needs to be remodelled, have it remodelled.

Don’t worry about the cost. You can have the amount included when the property is being valued. Keep the receipts. These will serve as evidence that you have done the repairs, and any other improvements. The final value of the property will take all such changes into account.

Clean up

If you have scheduled an appointment, prepare the house. Clean up. Put your best furniture on display. From the moment the surveyor steps inside the property, it should look amazing. Surveyors are not easily fooled, but first impressions still count. The aesthetic appeal of the property could add more to its value.

You should also be pleasant when the surveyor is conducting the valuation. Answer their questions accurately and honestly. Your response could also affect their estimate of the value for the property. Avoid trying to hide any potential problems, surveyors will easily see such problems as they will look into every tiny detail.

Hire the best building surveyor Essex offers to do the job. You can make use of the valuation report in convincing potential buyers of the true worth of the property.